In a few short days, this year will come to an end and we’ll move into the year 2020. It’s going to be a year that will contain the impeachment trial of our president and also his campaign to be re-elected for 4 more years. We’ll also hear hundreds of promises from both democrats and republicans as they campaign to be re-elected. In many areas of the country, I’m sure the state and local taxes will increase; and there will be many new laws enacted and others will be modified to reflect the current political climate. But next year will also be a special year for the East Coast Gassers; as we will begin our 20th year in existence. Way back in 2001, after the ESTA racing club dissolved, Jack Olcott had the wisdom to start a club dedicated to nostalgia gasser racing; and today, our club has become an organization that is well regarded by track owners and gasser fans alike. Our members consistently manage to put on great nostalgia racing shows at each event we attend. Our hope is that as we begin the 20th year of operation; our club will continue to grow and demonstrate that the gasser racing of the 50’s & 60’s is still very much alive; and our members will strive to keep the flame burning for another 20 years. Now let’s take a look at the events that took place earlier this year.















Well, that’s what our 2019 season looked like. Bob Lavoie and Jim Wheeler won their first races ever and Jim was able to win another race as well. In addition, Clayt Deming and Gregg Grubel were also able to post 2 wins; and club Member Paul McCorkel was the first driver to break into the 8 second bracket and also run over 150 MPH. This was a great year for our club. Throughout the year, our fans and track owners complemented us on our racing performance and the quality of gassers that you all bring to the track. I know that you folks spend many, many hours working on your cars and towing long distances to run at our various events. Please know that Karen and I are so grateful for all that you do for our club. Next year we’ll begin our 20th year of racing and I hope it will be even better than it was this year. We want to extend to all of you and your families, a most joyous Christmas season and a new year filled with good health, happy memories and all green lights. We wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!





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